Competitive and Reliable Delivery of Goods on Pallets From BN, PO and RH Postcodes

We can collect your goods on pallets from the BN, PO and RH postcode areas for delivery anywhere in the UK, and indeed many parts of the world, using the Palletforce network. Most deliveries in the UK are next day but there are reduced rates for longer delivery periods.

We have been a member of Palletforce, one of the leading pallet networks in the UK, since 2008. Palletforce members collect palletised goods from their customers within their allocated postcodes and then use the efficiencies of Palletforce to make daily deliveries anywhere in the UK. Our easy to use Alliance order and tracking system allows you to enter your jobs directly onto our system and also gives you full tracking and POD access.

Please contact Simon Westwood in our Sales Department (by telephone: 07920 536 418 or email: for more detail of the different services and prices that we offer. Simon can also help you to get started on Alliance, with a tutorial and your individual username/password so that you can start inputting orders straight away. For queries on specific consignments please contact our customer service team.