Specialist Transport of Horticultural Plants from Nurseries to Garden Centres in the UK

We are a major transporter of horticultural plants on Danish trolleys from nurseries to garden centres across the UK and the Channel Islands. Over 100,000 Danish trolleys loaded with plants are delivered by us each year.

Plants can be delicate and require short delivery times to get them to garden centres in good condition. We understand the care that has been taken to grow and present these plants and take the same care in their transport. We have specially adapted trucks of different sizes to carry Danish trolleys. All these are equipped with tail lifts for unloading and a selection with temperature control. During the busy Spring period we deliver twice a week to garden centres, mostly within 24 hours.

Control of the Danish trolleys is an important part of this business and we have experienced staff and systems in place to ensure that we keep track of our customer’s trolleys.

A dedicated customer service team is available to help with orders and queries, and a modern traffic management system gives on-line booking, vehicle tracking and delivery times.